About Us

Triple I is not a traditional impact investor. Our services are aimed to generate long-term business growth instead of short-term investors’ return. Triple I is more entrepreneurial than regular investment funds. Experienced entrepreneurs are the backbone of our organisation; all eager to support other entrepreneurs growing their businesses and maximizing theirs social impact on local communities. We share our strong believe in the power of driven, positive, and socially-dedicated entrepreneurs to contribute to a world without poverty.

"It is inspiring to see that entrepreneurs at other side of the globe struggle with similar challenges as I do. Sharing experiences and providing support is what drives me"

(Dick Haan, Dutch entrepreneur and Managing Director Triple I)

Our mission

is to defeat poverty by empowering entrepreneurs.

We envision a world without poverty driven by socially dedicated entrepreneurs who demonstrate sustainable standards on development, growth and productivity.

Our conviction

is that social-dedicated entrepreneurs can make a change and play a vital role in achieving sustainable, large scale, economic development and social impact. However, we recognize that first businesses need to be viable and grow before they can create long-term social impact.

This is why we support locally owned businesses and encourage entrepreneurship in less developed areas of the globe.

Our core values


We demonstrate courage and have an entrepreneurial spirit by taking high financial risks for social impact. We are positive, flexible and open-minded. We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to make a change.


We are caring, warm, and have personal trustful relationships with entrepreneurs. We are flexible and provide unique financial solutions tailored to the context of the local businesses. We appreciate diversity in our team.


We are transparent, open and responsible about our work. We carefully treat the information we receive. We are integer, ethical, fair and manage expectations properly.


We balance the financial, social and environmental impact and returns. We are committed to achieve positive social value but we are realistic about the scale of our work. We acknowledge financial returns to be less than market returns as the price of creating social value.

Public-private partnership

We are an unique partnership between a Dutch entrepreneur and a global NGO. The result is a fund with an entrepreneurial spirit and a social heart. We partner with Oxfam Novibs’ Business Development Program for deal sourcing. Oxfam Novib is managing a grant-based SME Development program building the capacity of local entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs receive business and impact training and tailored consultancy services to improve their business and make them investment-ready.

Corporate Governance

  • In accordance with the principles of good governance, Inclusive Impact Investments has an independent Investment Committee which meets at least 4 times per year. The role of the investment committee is to approve the financial and social value of proposed investment. For more information see the term of reference (available upon request).
  • The Directors are appointed by the Shareholders, and each Director has a strong expertise in the areas of development, finance and/or entrepreneurship. The Directors are strong advocates of Inclusive Impact Investments ’ double objective of social and financial returns.

“You can not donate people out of poverty”

Maria Oidido, CEO Bee Natural Uganda 

Our investment strategy

All our investments start with a honest and transparent relationship with the entrepreneur. Throughout the investment period we work closely together with local entrepreneurs and build a open, personal and trustful relationship. Read More

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