Our team

We have a divers and dedicated team. All team members are committed to demonstrate that it is possible to make a change by empowering entrepreneurs. We believe having fun is crucial to success!

Dick Haan

Managing Director

Dick is a driven entrepreneur. In 1999 he started his own company being one of the leading distributors of waxes globally today. He founded Lime Tree Participations BV to support other entrepreneurs in realizing sustainable social impact while aiming for a modest financial return. Furthermore, he has been an active ambassador for Oxfam Novib for many years. 

Bram Boogaerdt 't Hooft

Financial Director & Fund Manager

Bram is very passionate for helping entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams. He has 20+ years of experience in SME financing, specifically within complex international context. In his previous jobs for NIBC, FMO, Deutsche Bank and Oxfam Novib he did numerous investments in a wide range of sectors such as agricultural and food, fishery, FMCG, processing and retail.

Sytske Groenewald

Impact & Operations Manager

Sytske is keen on creating impact and making a change. She has an extensive experience in impact measurement. For her PhD study at Wageningen University she lived 1.5 years together with smallholder farmers in Mexico. She has great project management skills and is content specialist on ESG & human rights related issues in global value chains.


Thu Ha Ngygen

Investment officer Vietnam

Thu Ha is dedicated to share her extensive financial expertise with entrepreneurs in Vietnam. She has more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector, working as an auditor for KPMG. Today, Thu Ha leads the SME development program of Oxfam in Vietnam. She has a great network of (social) entrepreneurs, business development partners, consultants/experts and financial service providers.

Vincent Okoth

Investment officer Uganda

Vincent is our business advisor in Uganda with experience in SME/SGB support, private sector development, trade policy and economic analysis, advocacy and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. He likes to work with entrepreneurs and partners across the portfolios, formulating post-investment priorities for the companies, developing a pool of resources for management support and managing critical post investment projects.

Michael Adeola

Investment officer Nigeria

Michael is exited to work together with entrepreneurs to grow their business. He has 7+ years of experience as Business Development Manager for different NGOs. In the past, he led a SME development program  initiated by Goldman Sachs and was project lead of Oxfam in Nigeria’s business consulting program.

Investment committee

All our investments are assessed and approved by an independent investment committe:

Paul Wolf

Chair IC

Paul has a long-lasting career in fund management and impact investing in emerging markets working for FMO and NIB Capital.
His expertise is in labour rights and corporate governance of SMEs. He worked 5 years for ILO in Burkina Faso. Currently, he is working as a mentor/coach for entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Lindy van Vliet

Oxfam Novib Representative

Currently, Lindy is Head of the Health Unit at KIT/Royal Tropical Institute in The Netherlands. She has an impressive career in social development. Worked for international and local NGOs managing programs aimed at business development, impact investing, education and health.

Michael Adeola

Lime Tree Representative

Alexander is Senior Investment Manager at Triodos Organic Growth Fund. He is an experienced VC/PE investment manager and was trusted board member for a.o. DOEN Participations BV, Naty AB, Business Partners International East Africa, Robeco, Procredit Bank.

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